giovedì, febbraio 23, 2012

Aspra.mente in Olanda!

Golden Age
a project by Francesca Grilli
Kunsthuis SYB
Beetsterzwaag NL

Alessandra Saviotti, Aspra.mente cofounder and independent curator, was invited by Francesca Grilli and Kunsthuis SYB in order to present a lecture about Art and Food.

'I believe that the relationship between art and food will never end. It is clear that cultural expressions and eating are both vital for human beings. We saw how the rules that Marinetti wrote in the Manifesto are still actual, despite of being written over 100 years ago. We also saw that a lot of artists have worked with food during their career. In all of the examples that I considered, I think that the most important aspects are the relationships between people, not intended as the audience. Every single person is like a small part of the work itself and it is important to me how art can influence our behavior through a real experience. '